Kiss me, I’m Irish! Every March 17th, we celebrate Irish heritage and the country’s patron Saint, Saint Patrick. In the states, the holiday is typically commemorated with an abundance of green beer and four leaf clovers necklaces, but there are ways to celebrate the day the skinny way and still have loads of fun!

What’s St. Patty’s Day without wearing a little green? Instead of pinning a flashing four leaf clover on your shirt, opt for some colorful workout gear instead for your daily rise and grind!

New Balance U420 Running Sneaker: Colorful kicks are a fun addition to any workout outfit, and these sneakers will also complement your look for those busy Saturdays full of errands. Who knows…maybe the green will even bring luck to your St. Patty’s day and beyond!

green new balance shoes
Isis Active Bra: The clover­esque pattern on this Isis Active Bra alone make it a natural fit to get you in the St. Patrick’s day spirit, and the adjustable padded straps ensure it will be the perfect fit for the other 364 days of the year.

isis active clover sports bra

No celebration is complete without good eats and refreshments! However, you don’t have to sacrifice your healthy lifestyle to take part in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Traditional tastes can be enjoyed the skinny way!

Baked Fish and Chips: Fish and Chips is a classic Irish food, but the specialty is normally fried and soaked in grease. This healthy version offers a baked solution to the previously greasy meal. Fish is baked in a cereal crust along with potato wedges. Voila! Flavor and crunch the skinnier way. (via Food Network)

baked fish and chips recipe

Skinny Shamrock Shake: St. Patrick’s Day brings along with it the infamous Shamrock Shake, a minty, chocolate concoction of hundreds of calories. This skinny version can be made at home on St. Patty’s day and year round. Healthier and accessible whenever you want, need I say more? (via Skinny Mom)

Shamrock Shake

If you’ve ever seen Irish dancers in action it’s easy to understand why they are in serious shape. If you haven’t witnessed their athleticism yet, just imagine a combination of tap dancing and jumping rope. Irish dancers stay jumping, dancing, and moving all while remaining on their toes. These moves can serve as inspiration for your St. Patty’s day workout, combining cardio and lower body strengthening.

Lateral Hop: Lateral hops combine cardio and a lower body workout in one quick move, pumping your arms as you jump from side to side. Put on some traditional Irish music and see how many lateral hops you can do in 60 seconds!

Lateral Hops

Jump Rope: Jumping rope is a fun cardio exercise that keeps you on your toes, literally. Stay on your toes with knees slightly bent and vary your jumps, like trying to jump on one foot at a time!

Jump Rope

Take these skinny tricks and fab green finds and have yourself a fabulous St. Patty’s Day!