It used to be a rite of passage to get a scent when you hit stardom. That was a celebrity’s signature: their perfume or cologne. However, with the ages of most stars, perfumes are passe. Now it’s everything from clothing lines, to shoe lines to makeup lines. But, who has the best bang for your buck and which celeb’s line will speak best to your style?

We rounded up our favorite star-powered makeup lines:

1. Flower by Drew Barrymore: For the boho hippie. It’s exclusively for Walmart, so the price point is manageable for everyone. Most products fall between $5-14. Naturally, they are animal-friendly and very 90s influenced. Muted colors and soft pastels are across all her face, lips, eyes and nail products. Don’t be wary of the quality. Drew doesn’t pay for advertising, she relies on her own promotion to do the talking. Get “en-FLOWER-ed” by visiting Flower Beauty Makeup & Cosmetic’s site here.

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2. Khroma Beauty by the Kardashian sisters: For those who love the Glamor of LA. Surprisingly you can purchase any of the Khroma products for less than $20. Their false lashes are the wildcard in their makeup line–a product most other lines do not have. Chic animal print, metallic packaging reflects the line. Each sister has a “kardazzle” palette that represents their style. Kim’s are silver and blue metallics; Khloe’s are shimmery purples and nudes; Kourtney’s are pastels of green, pink, blue and brownish-red colors. Get your dazzle by checking out their site here.

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3. Kat Von D at Sephora: For the tattoed mama or the best dramatic eyes. This exclusive Sephora brand is bold. There’s a complexion collection, a love lips collection and a saint and sinner collection. Everything from perfume to eyeshadow is covered. Surprisingly she does have some subtle tones for softer looks–hence the “saint” collection. These products are a bit pricier. A tube of her painted love lipstick will cost you $19. Get a bold look by checking out her Sephora page here.

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4. Nuance by Salma Hayek: For the naturally sultry. Ranging between $7.99-19.99, the product line covers both haircare and cosmetics. It’s exclusively at CVS. Salma’s inspiration came from her grandma’s homemade beauty recipes and exotic ingredients. From mineral foundation to rose petal hydrating balm, the line is naturally infused. Mauves and pinks dominate the color palettes. Check out Salma’s sultry, sophisticated line here.


5. Iman Cosmetics by Iman: For the luminous, ready for her close up girl. The icon and famous supermodel’s cosmetic line was founded in 1994. On average, the price point is around $15 and under for most products. Sold in Target, Walmart and Ulta (among many other retailers), the products are both affordable and accessible. Her makeup kits are $25 with no extra charge for shipping. They include all the model makeup application tricks. According to their site “IMAN Cosmetics is for “Women with Skin of Color”, regardless of ethnicity. Iman has three basic shade ranges: “Sand” for olive skin, “Clay” for dark olive to light brown skin and “Earth” for medium to ebony brown skin.” Find your shade here.

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