Name:  Catherine J. Frompovich
Diagnosed At Age: 73 – on my birthday
Status: Two cancerous tumors in right breast at 10 and 11 o’clock of a clock superimposed on the breast. Tumor at 11 o’clock is gone; ungrown as proven by a series of sonograms every 6 months. Tumor at 10 o’clock is reduced from its original size and is not growing, however she is still working on getting rid of it.

Bio:  Catherine is a 75-year-old consumer health researcher for 35 years and counting. She is also a health journalist and author of several books on nutrition and health. Catherine is a retired natural nutritionist in private practice and physicians’ offices.

My reaction when I was first diagnosed: As I said in the introduction to my 2012 book, A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments available on “OMG! It hit my psyche like a nine-point-zero earthquake, tsunami, and tornado combined. OMG, what do I do now? That was my honest reaction to a physician confirming that there was a mass in my right breast, and I was being steered into quick action to deal with it. All of a sudden, it seemed life had dumped a ton-and-a-half of lemons on me, and I was seeking some way to crawl out from under to make lemonade.”

(I had that reaction because I had lived a natural, holistic lifestyle and lacto-vegetarian, Mediterranean-style diet since 1974, and here it was 2011 and breast cancer! How? Why? Probably because of the chemicals I had been exposed to through no fault of my own, but the irresponsible actions of others.)

How I’m feeling now: Better than well! Any better, I’d be dangerous. I was never sick a day during the protocol I chose to follow, which included injections, IVs, five detoxification programs, extreme dietary change, (strict vegan diet, only organically-grown foods, absolutely no GMOs in anything) meditation and other aspects I discuss in what I call the odyssey I was on in the book I wrote, A Cancer Answer.

My inspirations:  Since I’m a firm believer in the power of prayer and positive thinking, I chose to not own the cancer and would not allow anyone to say that I had cancer. I took that word out of my vocabulary with regard to my health.  I chose to say that I had a problem with my right breast.  I believe that our Creator God endowed within us the ability to cure and heal the body, and I chose to work with that power within my heart, body, mind, and soul, as well as the science of holistic health medicine I knew so well.
My support system:  Actually, I had none since everyone in my close circle wanted me to go the conventional oncology cancer treatment route. I chose differently, so I was basically on my own. However, I did have a network of prayer warriors around the globe who prayed for me and my recovery.

I’m proud of: The fact that I had the strength of character to practice what I believed in. I did not cave into the medical profession’s fear and control tactics. I’m proud that at 75 I can write what I am writing to you now. Furthermore, I am most humbly grateful for everything that’s been granted to me.

I’m afraid of: Actually, believe it or not, nothing! I have implicit faith and trust that I will be taken care of by Divine Intervention.

I’ve learned: I had to have two cancerous tumors in my right breast so that I could experience what I did and write the book to help others who are seeking to deal with cancer and destroy the fear factor in cancer.  As I say in the book, cancer is a word, not a sentence.
My advice to new patients: Don’t be afraid! Take back the sovereignty of and over your life.  Please don’t be bullied into being afraid and totally submissive, as that’s the standard oncological approach to dealing with cancer. Since between 75 to 80 percent of oncologists who give chemotherapy to cancer patients say that they would not take chemotherapy if they got cancer, cancer patients should do their homework and find out what’s available to treat and manage cancer that does not use toxic chemicals (chemotherapy) and ionizing radiation (mammograms and radiation therapy) and is effective and works.

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