Starr Luna Charcoal Fleur

It’s hard enough just getting out the door in the morning, but it’s even more difficult to get out of the house looking stylish.  How many times do you see another mom and think, “How can I look that effortlessly fabulous?”  Here are 5 things any mom can add to their wardrobe this summer for an easy, casual, and fashionable look.

1. Fitted Tees: We all have those comfortable t-shirts that we love. They are easy to wear and easy to wash.  This summer, add a fitted tee, but not just any fitted tee.  Pick one with an interesting print or unique artwork.  I wear burn out tees as they are lightweight for the summer heat, and I can still wear a slimming tank underneath without being too hot or adding bulk.  They are also very versatile, as they look great with shorts, jeans, or skirts.
2.  Hats:  And, no I don’t mean your ‘go to’ baseball cap.  Traditional men’s wear items have been hot the past few seasons, and this summer is no different.  Fedora and newsboy styles are easy to wear and can liven up almost any outfit while also providing some important protection from the summer sun.  There are many affordable lines of summer hats on the market, including my personal favorite, San Diego Hat Company.
3.  Maxi dresses:  What’s easier than throwing on a dress in the summer?  Maxi dresses are flowy and feminine, and you don’t have to worry about your little ones embarrassingly flipping up your skirt or dress for all to see.  Contrary to what many people think, both shorter and taller women can wear maxi dresses.  Shorter women may feel like they are swallowed up by the dress, but keep in mind that having it tailored to fit your height is an easy solution.  Ask your favorite store if they provide a tailoring service or offer a discount to offset your tailoring expense.
4.  Strappy sandals:  I know flip flops are incredibly comfortable and easy to slip on, but they are the most casual footwear on the market.  They tend to make any outfit look more casual.  Find a versatile pair of comfortable, strappy sandals that are easy to slip on and off.  Wear them with your dresses, shorts, and jeans instead of those flips flops for an instant boost in the fashion department.
5.  Colorful pieces:  Summer is meant to be fun and carefree, and adding a colorful piece to your wardrobe can lift your mood.  Orange and red tones like coral and tangerine are everywhere this season, and can be quickly paired with your brown, black, and white staple items to add spice to your wardrobe.
There’s no need to try all five immediately, especially if you’re just starting to venture away from your running shorts, yoga pants, and oversized t-shirts.  Pick one you know you’ll wear right away, and slowly add more pieces to become that mom that looks effortlessly on trend this summer.