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Carry-On Essentials: Make Flying Enjoyable

Why does traveling do this to me? Am I the only one who feels like they can’t stop to take a breath until I’m sitting, seat-belted into my airplane seat…taxiing off the runway? At least, this time, I have taken the time to plan out all of the things that I will need on my long, long trip across the pond to make my journey as tranquil and enjoyable as possible. Hopefully, this list of my ‘flying must-haves’ will help you on your next flight;

  1. An over-the-shoulder bag– Airlines allow you one carry-on and one purse. Make the most of your purse by bringing a tote that easily carries everything that will keep you happy and comfortable on the flight. This Big Buddha tote is the perfect shape and size for travel.
  2. A good read– If, by chance, your flight has a movie, who knows what it will be. Bring a magazine or two and a great new read to keep you entertained during your journey. Gone Girl is #5 on the NYTimes Bestsellers List, right now. It’s already packed in my Big Buddha and calling to me:)
  3. TSA-approved travel containers– I LOVE these little, squeezable travel containers! Gotoobs have a twistable label of the tube’s contents and the 2 ounce size has a handy suction cup, allowing it to attach to your hotel mirror or shower wall.
  4. Facial spray– It is not your imagination. The air inside a plane must be dry to protect the metal fuselage from the dangers of corrosion. This, almost complete, absence of humidity can lead to your skin feeling uncomfortably dry and itchy. Fight the dryness with a facial spray like this one. From the first time I tried Mario Badescu’s aloe, herbs and rosewater facial spray, I was hooked. I will never travel without it.
  5. Lip balm– Lips are especially susceptible to the dry conditions as well. For those of you who follow my blog posts, you know what’s coming. I do not, I repeat…do not, leave the house without an EOS lip balm.
  6. Neck pillow– In 2 days, I am traveling from Phoenix to London where I will have lost 8 hours. That means I will be losing a whole night’s sleep. You can bet that I will do just about anything to get comfortable enough to fall asleep for the flight. My neck pillows are from Target but a girl can dream, right. Can you just imagine the comfort of this massaging neck wrap from Brookestone. Ahhh…
  7. Anti-bacterial wipes– According to a study done by the National Research Council’s Transportation Research Board, in 2010, cold and flu viruses can live for hours on airplane surfaces such as lavatory doorknobs and latches on overhead bins. A pack of antibacterial wipes will eliminate the fear of developing an illness that could ruin your vacation.
  8. Snacks– If you’re like me, airline snacks don’t dot it for you. Pretzels and dry-roasted peanuts are not exactly clean and healthy and leave you feeling less than satisfied. Pack along a couple of ziploc baggies of carrots, air-popped popcorn or apple slices. You’ll be glad that you did:)