grateful for this day

In the past few weeks, I have noticed how many people are posting on social media about death and diseases like cancer. The most heart wrenching story I have read recently is one of a 31-year-old mother named Ali from Cincinnati diagnosed with a strange form of lung cancer. She didn’t smoke and lived a healthy life; it was just a freaky diagnosis. She passed away in 2011 and left behind a husband and one-year-old.

I ran a race where a local cross country team was “rocking pink” for Ali. I also would get random requests to pray for Ali and her family. Ali’s prayer warriors were everywhere; it was touching to see how a community could come together and support one another.

Two years after Ali’s death, her husband Ben recreated his and Ali’s wedding day photos with their daughter. Ali’s memory lives on in his touching project and encourages us to remember lost loved ones.

I place myself in Ali’s, or Ben’s, shoes and think that it is probably time to seize the day. We know not the time nor the hour of our death. Too many of us sweat the small stuff to the point that it takes a huge life impacting event to make us acknowledge that half the junk we worry about isn’t worth it.

worry less

So, I ask you to carpe diem or seize the day. Do this for you, do this for the others who were lost way too soon and weren’t able to seize all of life’s moments and do this for your kids and family. The things that we often don’t have time for with our loved ones are often superseded by things that really aren’t that important. And if you have time, rock some pink for Ali sometime this week.

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