Do you ever wonder which cardio workout targets the booty?  I had to ask myself this question after losing 40 pounds.  I had literally run my butt off.  The gluteus maximus is one of the largest and most powerful muscles in your body and the primary muscle that gives your backside shape and definition.  Straight up running did not do it for me and buying jeans with lots of bling started to get real expensive, so I started throwing in some booty loving cardio. Check out these four cardio machines with a slight variation to help target your gluteus maximus.

Treadmill – Increase the incline, but do not be tempted to grab the handrails unless your incline is so deep you need assistance every once in a while. On the road, try walking sideways. This will work your bum from a different angle as you pull your leg away from your body. (photo credit here)



Elliptical – Ease your hips back so your butt sticks out a bit, and push down with your heels as much as possible. For an added bonus, keep your arms moving quickly on the arm rails so you are working your upper body as well.


Biking – Ditch the recumbent ride for an upright one. Sit a little farther back on the seat and focus on pushing the pedals down forcefully. If you’re pumping, stand up and stick your butt out while leaning forward.


Stair stepping – Lean forward slightly at the waist and take larger steps, as though you’re climbing two at a time. Let go of the rails, forcing your glutes to take the brunt of the stabilization duties. If you’ve never made your way to a stair stepper, you are seriously missing out on a great exercise. You’ll quickly develop a love-hate relationship with this machine! (photo credit here)