As a military family we are often stationed far away from our families, making road trips a normal part of our life, and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way about what to always have on hand in the car, whether you’re running to Target or traveling 400 miles. (photo credit: here)

These are our Top 8 Must-Haves!


1. A First Aid Kit (including a thermometer and medicine for the kiddos): Upgrade your kit to include some children’s pain reliever and fever reducer, tummy medicine and cold remedies. If anyone uses an EpiPen or other emergency medicine have that on hand as well. No one ever gets sick at a convenient time and place!

2. Tire Pressure Gage: The proper tire pressure is not only vital for driving safely but can also improve gas mileage!

3. A Good Spare Tire and Tools: Check to see that you have a spare in the back in good condition, a tire jack and a lug wrench. Getting a flat tire in front of a service station rarely if ever happens and waiting for a tow truck can take hours.


4.  Snacks and Drinks: Stuck in a traffic jam for the foreseeable future? Have snacks and drinks on hand to keep you and the kiddos satisfied and hydrated.

5. An Emergency Roadside Kit: Make sure the kit includes a flashlight, jumper cables, warning light, hazard triangle or flares. If you’re traveling in winter, add some hand warmers and an extra windshield scraper to your kit.

6. Written Directions to Your Destination: GPS devices are fantastic, but technology can fail. Have back up directions handy just in case!


7. Foul Weather Gear: A raincoat and boots can go a long way if you have to change a tire or jump your car in the rain!

8. Cell Phone Charger for the Car: There are few things worse than a dead cell phone when you have to make a call on the road.

Happy and safe travels!