Let me start by saying the I used to love Halloween! I loved everything about it..planning what costume to wear, decorating the house, carving the pumpkins and of course the trick or treating. Well now that I am the mom of four boys I don’t enjoy it quite so much..in fact I think it’s one of my least favorite holidays now!!

It has become so commercialized…there is a Halloween themed everything to buy now..do I really need Halloween duck tape?? And what ever happened to making your own costumes… I would have never bought one. Designing and making it was the fun part!! I have to say that I still make the costumes for my boys…having to buy four (well 3 now that my oldest is too cool to get dressed up) costumes is not in my budget. I would have take out a small loan or go rob a bank!

But now that I am on my new weight loss and clean eating journey, I have a whole new stress to add to this wonderful holiday….the day after Halloween!! I can picture it now…it’s about 8:30 in the morning…all the kids are in school and the house is all quite. It’s just me and the giant bowl of Halloween candy in the house. In the past I would have eaten from that bowl all day long! This year I need a new strategy…not sure what it is yet but I think it may involve some praying and maybe I do need to go get some of the Halloween duck tape for my mouth!