Ok, so the title may offend you and if it does I do apologize…but really cancer does suck.  When I chose the date of the One Goal All Sole 5k challenge, I really didn’t look at the calendar.  I actually rarely look at the calendar…my life is so busy with kid stuff that I go by what day of the week it is not by the month.  But I digress.  About a week or more ago, I realized that the One Goal All Sole 5k was on the same weekend as Cincinnati’s Race for the Cure and Sophie’s Angel Run.  Both races bring awareness of the evil disease cancer and both are very very moving events.

Let’s start with Race for the Cure.  I am always amazed every year how many young girls, younger than my 34 yrs of age have no hair and are participating.  They have pink shirts on which means they have/had the disease and are fighting it…until last year I felt sorry for those girls and thought thankfully it’s not me or my family.  Well, funny enough last year at an annual exam I had a lump…4 mammograms and an ultrasound later..I was told I DID NOT have cancer.  I dodged a bullet…this time.  Did you know that one in eight of us women will get that ugly disease…so very scary.  The race is to race for those to have fought and won, those who have fought and lost, those who don’t know that they are going to have to fight,.. and for family and friends.  The race is a community of sorts…a sea of pink…there is pink everything…it is an event and a movement for a cure.  The support is overwhelming and even in the gross Cincinnati rain yesterday thousands showed up.

Then there is Sophie’s Angel Run.  Sophia Grace Meinhardt was only 18 months old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, three days later she died.  She was one month younger than my oldest son.  Today, was the fifth annual Sophie’s Angel Run.  It was huge.  The amount of support on the westside of Cincinnati is amazingly remarkable.  There truly isnt anything like it.  Today about 2300 people walked/ran/ and in my case jogged for Sophie.  They jogged to honor and support her family and her memory and to remember other children who had lost their battle.  It is amazing to see the sea of people participating to support one family and their community.  Another amazing thing is that the Meinhardt’s in their grief have helped other families.  Tony Merk was a boy, also my son’s age who died of a brain tumor on July 4th of this year.  And even cooler was that one of the local parishes did shirt not only honoring Sophie but Tony too.  Tony scored a touchdown in a pee-wee football game against their school last year…he was number 88. Tony’s motto was pray~hope~believe and that was on their shirts as well as two angels running the football.  Sophie’s Angel Run is more than moving, it is almost spiritual (ok, I’m not kidding here) it brings out the good and the community and everyone is working together.  At the Angel Run, there are no teams competing against each other…everyone is one community celebrating the lives of children lost to a terrible disease.

So I hope all of you reading this did the One Goal, All Sole event.  I hope that you were able to do a 5k (3.1)…and if you have an excuse as to why you didn’t…think about all of those people and kids enduring chemo and radiation and awful treatments…think about how they would love to be outside logging 3.1 miles…think about your healthy body…celebrate your healthy body…and then be thankful for the health that you have.  Appreciate your life because others have much worse things going on…so pray~hope~believe!

Thanks for all who participated.  It’s been a fun weekend and click on the links the stories of both Tony and Sophie should be shared.