First, fast food restaurants, like Jack in the Box, made the decision to scrap toys in their kid’s meal boxes. More recently, New York City proposed a ban on all jumbo-sized sugary drinks. And just this week, The Walt Disney Co. announced it’s plan to ban all junk food ads from it’s cartoon programming. All of these, done in an effort to make America, more specifically American kids, make healthier food and drink choices.

It is estimated that about a third of our nation’s kids are overweight or obese. And that’s a fact that the First Lady has taken personally during her husband’s term in office. In 2010, Michelle Obama started the initiative “Let’s Move” in an attempt to get American children more active and healthy, so she was the perfect person to announce Disney’s move, this Tuesday.

The Walt Disney Co will look at:

  • calories
  • fat
  • sugar

when deeming a product acceptable for ad-time during programming on their stations aimed at children 12 and under. It’s interesting to note that Lunchables and Capri Suns would NOT be deemed acceptable.

I, for one, applaud both Disney and First Lady Obama in aiming to advance the silencing of junk food peddlers to our kids. My kids have actually tried to convince me that ice cream is healthy because it falls into the dairy portion of the food pyramid. And I’m assuming that I’m not the only mom who’s been directed to a certain fast food restaurant because of the toys they offer in their kids’ meals. It’s past time that we start being honest with our kids about what is and isn’t in their bodies’ best interest.

In this technological time, TV and Internet have such an overwhelming influence on our children and I’ll take all the help I can get in influencing them to make smart food choices.