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Transform yourself in three weeks, from flab to fit and fab in 21 days! Sounds tempting? It sure did to me. Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix® comes in two versions, an original package and extreme package. I felt bold and ordered the extreme version. I tried my best to follow the program; I lost eight pounds and got more muscle definition, which is basically what they advertise it will do for you.

Photo Credit: Beachbody

Photo Credit: Beachbody

The program consists of seven different workouts and six plastic containers of various sizes. The workouts are led by Autumn Calabrese. Autumn competes in body building, does some modeling and is an inspiration by just looking at her. But once she opened her mouth, that inspiration dissipated for me.

The workouts really do hit the spot; they are fairly easy to do but strenuous nevertheless and they last for 30 minutes. They successively work every part of your body and I was sore for the first week. Included in the package are routines for upper body, lower body, Pilates, cardio and yoga. So far so good, but the downside of the workout part of the program is the instruction. The small-talk during the workouts reflects Autumn’s motivation for working out: to look good in a bikini. She kept implying that women need to work out to be sexy but men work out to be strong. I am a woman, I am a mom and I would like to be strong too! If I look good doing it, that is just a bonus.

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The genius of the program, what makes it really work, is not the workout part but the nutritional side of it. You get your containers, color coded and ready, along with instructions and menu ideas. Each container represents a food group, such as protein, carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables and so on, and is to be consumed and refilled a certain times a day. It sounds tedious, but after a few days it was surprisingly easy. Some people claim that a six-pack is made in the kitchen and after getting my nutrition straight, I am inclined to agree.

21 day fix boxes

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I stayed fairly true to the plan, deviated only a little (‘cause I need my Chai Tea Latte from time to time) and what I got out of this program goes beyond the chiseled surface. I learned what my body needs to get the most out of the hard work I put it through. But more importantly, I learned that I don’t want to be ‘fixed’ in 21 days, I want to be the best I can be permanently. And 21 Day Fix Extreme has given me the tools I need to get there and stay there!

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  • Accessible, anyone can use it
  • Educational, you will learn a lot about nutrition and how to fuel your body properly
  • 30 minutes, perfect length of time for busy moms
  • Works EVERY part of your body


  • Stereotypical, in my opinion it was belittling to women

21 Day Fix Extreme requires hard work and dedication. It will give you great results but the best part is what you will take away once you finish. Turn the sound off the workouts and do this for whatever reason motivates YOU!