Let’s get real for a minute: ruts suck. We’ve all been stuck in a rut (probably more than once). We can get stuck in ruts at any time and in so many different ways: work, love, fashion, friends, the gym, whatever. Ruts can swallow you whole, but they’re just a fact of life.

Anyone who works out regularly will find themselves in a fitness rut every once and a while. You might feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, maybe you’re bored with your five-day-a-week gym schedule or maybe you’re just rut-prone.  These tips will help you power through your rut and keep your booty on track.

Swap iPods with a friend. Music can really make the difference during a workout, for better or for worse.  We all have days when we just hate the music on our iPods. Who hasn’t spent a workout listening to the first 30 seconds of almost every song before deciding it’s the worst song in the world and skipping it? It can be pretty demoralizing; you’ve heard everything a million times and you’re sick of it. So maybe swap iPods with a buddy for the week? Maybe you’ll find some new tunes, or maybe your friend’s terrible taste in music will give you a new appreciation for your own workout playlist! Either way, it’s worth a try.

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Pinterest. Pinterest is awesome for so many things, but it’s probably mostly used for wasting time, right? Well, be a rebel! Put that fitness board on Pinterest to work! Try a Pinterest-only workout week; believe it or not there are some really great workouts to be found, so get after it!

Shopping. Retail therapy works, people! If there’s anything that can motivate you to work out, it’s a cute new outfit. In a perfect world we would all go to Lululemon whenever we needed a little push, but their stuff is all kinds of pricey. Marshall’s and TJ Maxx always have a pretty great selection of workout gear and most is under $25. Don’t want to shell out $25? Sometimes all it takes is a new fun pair of socks to snap out of it, and you can absolutely find a pair for cheap.


Set some new goals, or maybe just goals. Do you have concrete goals? Like real, attainable specific goals? If no, then get some pronto. If you have goals, reexamine them. See if you need to tweak them at all and then tweak away. Think your goals are just perfect the way they are? Maybe reflecting on how far you’ve come will give you a hand up out of your rut.

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Change gears. Go ahead and flip your workout routine on its ear. Most of you have workout schedules you stick to, but when you feel like another run on the treadmill might bore you to tears, make it a point to try a new class or switch things up with some yoga. You won’t always love what you try, but what’s important is that you try.

Visualize someone you don’t like. This might sound harsh, but a little competition can be incredibly beneficial. Next time you’re waist-deep in a rut and want to just give in, think about someone who drives you absolutely bonkers and ask yourself what your nemesis is doing. Are they on the couch stuffing their pie hole? Think of the smug sense of satisfaction you’ll get working out while they test the strength of their couch cushions. Are they at the gym busting their booty? Well then you better get to the gym and make sure you’re working ten times harder than they are. You want to be better than her right? Of course you do.

Have you tried all those and are still firmly entrenched in a rut? Well maybe you need a break. Yes, folks, you read that right. We are advocating you take a break. You’ve been working your buns off for a while and have honestly consistently given 100 percent. You don’t get to slack off just because it’s hard. You get to take an intentional break to collect yourself and come back even stronger.