With the blistering winds blowing in, it’s time to stow away the cute dresses that perfectly highlight your growing bump. There’s no need to hide that belly under layers of fabric. You can still look fabulous and be prepped for winter. Follow some of these maternity trends to keep the bundle warm.

Keep rocking those leggings but go ahead and give in to the maternity wear on this one. That extra bit of fabric that comes up just under your bust line will keep you all kinds of warm. Not to mention there’s no need to keep hiking them up because other bits of your body are slightly different too.


Stock up on sweater dresses. Pregnant or not, this piece will keep you warm. They’re perfect for a night on the town or the boardroom. Sweater dresses hug your shape and flatter every inch of your bump. The slightly thicker fabric disguises any parts that you’re not as fond of at the moment. Add a cute belt under your bust line for a little flare.

Wrap cardigans should be a staple for all winter weather pregnancies. They’re amazing with those legging you’re finding yourself in more often than not. They can be cable knit and cozy, or the perfect thin fabric for your post prenatal yoga class. Dress them up or down, wherever you’re going, they are the perfect layer.


Invest in a long coat. Whether you’re into pea coats or puffer jackets, you need something that will fall below your backside to keep the dreaded trapeze top at bay. As your belly expands, clothes will rise. Keep this in mind when choosing your next piece of outerwear.

Pregnancy doesn’t mean you stop looking cute and put together. Steal fashion tips from your favorite celebs or search the web for some of these pieces in multiple colors and fabrics. There’s an endless number of combinations to ensure you’re bundled and stylish this winter.