Starbucks…. My personal original money sucking coffee habit. I remember the first time I had one. I was actually at Barnes and Nobles at their coffee shop and my brother introduced me to a “grande mocha frappuchino”. I was 13. All I knew was YUM!

While I’ve never lived in an area where Starbucks are crazy abundant (although once I moved from each place they seemed to pop up!). There has always been one that I could get to…ya know if need be. Then when I managed a salon in my local mall, there was a Gloria Jeans. While I don’t remember what their version of the tastiness that IS the “mocha frap” as us cool kids that are down with the correct barista lingo call it, the addiction continued… (and my addiction to celebrity tabloids began during that period too!) and the almost $5 a pop addiction continued.

And then, McDonalds came up with a delicious, chocolately, coffee-ish, frozen, mixed up, topped with whip (aka whip cream, another lingo word drop there) and lightly drizzled with chocolate sauce for LESS than the other two! I can’t lie, I was STOKED!!! My waistline, and pocketbook were not, but in my la-la land of  “I am invincible to the insane amounts of random sugar, and unnecessary stuff I like to imagine isn’t in there” just was not as stoked, and I’m pretty sure that and some more indulgences of mine were holding me back from my health and fitness goals!

So, have I kicked my coffee habit… nah. Will I ever drink hot black coffee.. no. But, I have found something LESS expensive, and BETTER for me while I work towards dropping my habit!

  • Silk dark chocolate almond milk 120 cal, 1 g protein, 22 g sugar (eh) 1 g fiber all per 8oz.
  • Bolthouse coffee plus protein 190 cal, 16 g PROTEIN, 24 g sugar, 0 g fiber all per 8oz.
  • Bolthouse mocha cappachino 180 cal, 8 g protein, 30 g sugar (yes, I’ve stopped enjoying this one so much) 1 g fiber
  • Bolthouse chocolate protein shake 190 cal, 16 g protein, 26 g sugar, 1 g fiber
  • Silk vanilla almond milk 90 cal, 1 g protein, 15 g sugar (this has been being used a lot more than the dark chocolate one lately) 1 g fiber

Yes… I gave you a lot there… But here’s the thing, the options here (and I NEED options) are so fantastic! Let me move forward with examples:

Freeze the dark chocolate almond milk in ice cube trays. Why you ask? Toss them in your drink, and let their chocolate goodness melt with your beverage, it’s like an amazing never-ending drink that way! You can also use regular ice cubes, but where’s the fun in that?

Here are some example of what I cocktail together:

  • coffee plus protein/dark chocolate/vanilla almond milk
  • coffee plus protein/mocha cap/vanilla almond milk
  • mocha cap/vanilla milk
  • protein choc shake/vanilla almond milk

It’s delicious, it’s coffee, it’s a money saver, it’s QUICK! The added protein in these babies is AMAZING! For a girl like me, who’s looking to increase her protein intake but CANNOT stand the taste of protein powders… this is fabulous! While I haven’t used a blender with this. I would feel 100% confident to say, making a more “frap” style w/ these goodies would be perfection!!!

It’s especially nice mid-morning or early afternoon before it gets scorching hot outside, and just enough to give you a lil boost to push you through the rest of your busy day!

So… Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, Micky D’s…. You will always hold a special place in my heart. But I doubt you’ll get much of my $ ever again… We’ve had some great times… But, I’ve moved on.