Are you constantly struggling with whether to pack your lunch or eat out on your break? While packing can become a hassle and repetitive, eating out becomes expensive and unhealthy. In order to stay on the right track with healthy eating, packing a lunch and eating out of your bag is your best option! Packing your lunch doesn’t have to be boring anymore with these fun containers! Which are your favorite?

Takenaka Bento Box: These stylish lunch boxes are perfect for holding many different items or just one! They are microwaveable and dishwasher safe and come in 12 different colors so you’ll never get bored. They provide a moveable divider so you can pack all types of items in the same box and there is plenty of room to fit your whole lunch! They’re also available in smaller sizes for those who just pack snacks. Make people in your office jealous with this trendy box!


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Apple & Bee Eco Lunch Satchel: Do you like to be eco friendly? So do the creators of this bag! This Apple & Bee Eco Satchel is made from organic canvas that’s durable and reusable. With your choice of white with an apple or black with a bee, you can’t go wrong with this bag! This satchel is perfect for lunches or snacks. Use this every day and receive a ton of compliments! (photo credit here)



Crock- Pot Lunch Crock Warmer: This all-in-one lunch tote and food warmer can be taken anywhere to have your meal ready on the go. Your food will stay warm while you spend the day working, and will be ready to eat when you get a break! Perfect for leftovers, soups, and any meals you wish to pack. The 20-ounce crock-pot is perfect for personal meals. It’s easy to carry, easy to clean, and is perfect for any occasion!


Organic Lunch Bags: Eco-friendly Fluf bags can be filled with just a few items or can expand to fit your groceries! Made with 100% organic cotton, this bag can be easily carried by anyone and is machine washable. The food safe liner and ample space makes it possible for any food to be carried in this tote! With many different options for patterns, it’s the right fit for any age.


Pack to Basics: Want to stick to the traditional look of the brown paper bag? This is just what you’re looking for! Although it looks just like your original brown paper lunch bag, it’s made with durable, leak proof, tear-resistant material! It’s also got an insulated interior that keeps your lunch chilled throughout the entire day. Surprise your whole office with this bag and everything you can carry in it!


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Lunch Pot: This lunch pot is ideal for carrying fruit, yogurt, noodles, and much more! It has a watertight locking seal allowing you to separate 2 different items. It’s perfect for packing your breakfast or lunch and carrying it to work and anywhere else! It’s light enough to carry around and also durable enough to hold heavy items. Show off your style with this convenient lunch pot!

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