I don’t know about you but I always seem to find that by mid-week I feel a little like a fading wind-up toy that needs to be energized  and sometimes my Starbucks skinny latte just doesn’t do the trick! My weekly tasks that haven’t yet been completed begin to overflow my to-do list and my refreshed Monday motivation has fizzled over the last couple of days.

Since I can’t break up with Wednesday, I felt the need to compile a little hump day survival series. It will include a brief strategy to zap a little shot of pep back in your step to get you through that final stretch of the week before the welcomed weekend makes its arrival.

For this week’s Wednesday Wind Up, try this twenty minute Tabata Style workout that includes a full body workout that will get you sweating, endorphins flowing, and tolerance extended to tackle the last few days of the week.

Not familiar with Tabata? No problem. It’s fairly easy to understand. The basic foundation behind Tabata is to spend less time getting more bang for your buck. All you need is a watch or you can download a tabata timer app (there are lots out there). Plan to give 110% for twenty seconds, followed by a ten second recovery period – and then right back at it for twenty seconds. Repeat 8x through for a total of four minutes. Complete five exercises using this method for a total of twenty minutes.

Start with these five exercises…

1. Burpees (If you are not familiar check out our Skinny Mom YouTube Channel for a tutorial) I am having to modify some of the exercises today including this one as I have a pulled hamstring)

2. Front Lateral Raise with a Squat  (I am leaving out the squat)

3 Tricep Dips on a Chair

4. Bicep Curls with a Lunge (I am omitting the lunge)

5. Reverse Crunches

Okay, Wednesday – bring it on!

For another Tabata Training Workout, click here. Or, try this Tabata Training Vacation Workout routine.