This Friday’s fashion isn’t centered around my outfit. Instead, I wanted to share an awesome idea for soon-to-be moms and soon-to-be baby shower planners! I’m sure we all have a concert t-shirt or summer league uniform that’s tie dye. However, such a fun and simple idea shouldn’t be confined to the summer. Everyone loves a good dyed tee.

So, I took the idea and made onsies for my friend’s baby shower. This is a great activity during the shower and an adorable handmade gift for your girlfriend’s lil guy or gal. Onsies are THE best. I mean, the name says it all: one-sies. The snaps make it super easy to change the diapers and the fact that it’s one piece makes the outfit simple. If it gets dirty, it all gets dirty. No sifting through layers.

This is a no-fuss wardrobe piece for the wee ones. As for the tie-dye, it can be gender neutral OR geared towards the boy or girl. Mix up the sleeve lengths. Long-sleeved shirts are perfect for the autumn chill.

Okay, the only difficult part of the process is strategic rubber banding. The pattern depends on how you arrange the rubber bands.

Here’s a link for making the dye and a video for making the swirl pattern. Check out Duncan Crafts channel for more tutorials!

Have a little fun, I know I did!