I almost had a sweat-pant day for work. But, I knew I was going into my favorite little office space…which just happens to be a Panera where tons of other cute lunchers and brunchers would be going. Dressing for success is a great motto and the day had to be productive. But, I really didn’t know what I was in the mood to wear. Naturally I grabbed my favorite pair of skinny jeans–you know the ones with that special little % of spandex or lycra. It was kinda hot and the only thing I felt like pulling off was a nice tank: enter the basic white tank. Those are the building blocks for any casual day to evening look.

Sweater fly-aways or vests are great pieces to jazz up a look. They add that comfy feeling, but depending on the pattern and color, it looks a little more intentionally fashionable. Plus if you are having a little bit of a muffin-top day, the vest can bring both shape and relief. It will help outline your sihlouette, but they don’t cling to your sides. They graze and flow, leaving those love handles hidden.

But, I must say that my absolute staple accessory is the scarf. There are a million ways to wear it. Scarves provide that “pop”  to the basic t-shirt and jean look. If you aren’t feeling the jewelry, the scarf is the perfect substitute. You can go with heavier earrings or to a simple post with a funky ring that plays off the color scheme. Try  the loop n’ knot look or grab a scarf with fringe, fold it in a triangle and tie the ends. That rocker, bandit look is great for fall: a season totally fit for rebels. Oh and did I mention how easy it is to do your hair with this look?! Both ways work: messy up-do or loose locks. I’m a fan of the Farrah look. As you can tell, I flip my hair out. It really helps frame my face while staying low-maintenance.

So, if you are feeling like you have nothing to wear while you stand in your closet full of clothes, start basic. Build up the outfit around the simplicity. Just don’t go crazy! If you do a bigger, fuller scarf scale everything around that focal point. Pick a simple gladiator sandal and some chunkier jewelry OR go for a fun boot (tiered fringe or one with buckles) and go very clean with the jewelry: a basic stud or hoop.

What is your favorite way to wear your scarf? Want more ideas, check out this great post on How to Wear Fall Hats & Scarves. And be sure to check out last week’s denim vest look.

Get this look:

  • Scarf from Target
  • Sweater from Forever 21
  • Jeans are Joes Jeans