I just went to a wedding recently and had to post a pic of this awesome dress. Why?! Because, it would look good on anyone. No, it’s not like the magic behind the traveling pants. There’s no secret, just details…and  an eye for the right band or pleats.

Too much texture can add unwanted bulk. The wrong pattern or cut can create a wider-appearance. Because the layers are overlapping and slanted (rather than horizontal), they follow the curve of the female figure. So, if you have no curves, this is going to create the illusion of more dramatic hips. Now, I may have lied before about the magic because… if you already have the curves, the more structured fit hugs them just enough. The layers actually will hide any lumps or bumps. The slight overlapping enhances the structure of the dress, not your love handles. The silky-sleek fabric also has a little more weight to it, producing a more fitted look. Sometimes silk can be unforgiving and sheen can highlight all the wrong areas.

Warning: pear shapes and hour-glass gals, pay attention to the angle and thickness of the actual material. Much like a horizontal stripe, the thinker and wider the angle, the more wider you will look. Just be careful of the material and lines.

Another great detail is the not-quite empire waist band. It breaks up the form and business of the layers–hello, midsection. Again I have a warning! Each body type must be aware of where the band hits. If you are bustier up top, go for a lower band, closer to the naval. When the waistline is too close to the bustline, it shortens the torso. Now you can reverse the tip for a squarer or thinner frame. The higher waistline will accentuate the bust and give you a fuller figure. Long torso ladies (so jealous), keep the band at its natural position–in line with your waistline. Too high or too low can make your torso awkwardly long.

Okay, hopefully with those tips you all will look lovely at the special occasion! Here’s a toast to looking fab all year long!

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