The secret to being on trend as a mom is making sure your pieces are functional. When you are comfortable in what you’re wearing, you are able to pull the look off so much easier! So, call me a true Kentucky girl, but I love the look of denim. However, I didn’t know how I felt when the denim vest came back from my pre-teen years. To my surprise, it’s so easy to pull off in every look though! With the right pant, skirt, or dress and choice of accessory, any girl can transform this piece into edgy, country, urban and even chic!

This time around, I went comfy with a little funk. The black skirt is clean and simple, but it’s flowy and the material makes it easy to sprint after E. Black and denim are the perfect match–you can do this similar look with a black legging or jegging too! So the accessories…just…kinda happened. I knew the scarf would add the color pop, but I didn’t think it looked quite right alone with the denim and black.

Pulling the rustic tones from the scarf and matching them to a red0brown belt really finalized the look. A great belt goes a long way. With the boxier cut of the denim vest, the scarf wasn’t helping my shape. The belt pulls everything–and I mean everything, in! My waistline is defined and it’s a much needed “something” between the washed denim and straight black.

I took a little risk with denim vest, so don’t be afraid to actually buy a trendy piece–especially if they are in the form of vests and blazers. They never truly go out of style if you just know how to pair them up and balance the look.

Happy Fashion Friday! Would love to hear how you wear a denim vest or what your favorite trendy, functional piece is!