Being broke has absolutely no backing to why you can’t be absolutely fabulous and chic. A long time ago when I would hear the word “used” or “thrifted”, it would turn me off. Later on in my professional life when I was beginning to style, there were times where certain pieces of clothing were required for a test shoot and there was no budget. I decided I’d try a local Goodwill, and to my surprise I found it was a treasure hunt in there! Yes, you have to have a lot of patience and a keen eye, but when you find a vintage piece of clothing or (even better) a vintage designer piece of couture for under 6 bucks, it’s like winning the lottery! One thing about fashion is that great trends will always repeat themselves throughout the decades, so nothing is ever new.

Here are some tips that will make thrifting an amazing experience:

  1. When going to any thrift store, make sure you always have cash on you, as some places don’t except credit cards.
  2. Wear tight comfortable clothing (i.e leggings and a tank top). This way you can try on clothes right then and there.
  3. If you see something you love, buy it! Thrifting needs some form of compulsion because if you decide to think about it and put it down, chances are someone will snatch it up!
  4. QUALITY OVER QUANITY! Vintage clothes can be worn for decades as long as the quality of the fabric and the stitching is well made. Clothing will be timeless and classic when the garment is made to last.
  5. Lastly, don’t pay attention to sizes but DO pay attention to how to take care of the garment. Sizes have changed through out the years, where someone who is a size 2 now would’ve been a size 8 just 20 years ago. Make sure if you purchase an item that says DRY CLEAN ONLY, you only dry clean!

All images are styled by yours truly and are all property of Sarah Svetlana (Hipstermama)