My girls are officially 3 weeks old!  Its hard to believe that 3 weeks has already past and I can already see  them changing. I just got them and I feel like they are turning into little girls…too fast too soon!

And speaking of fast, they are eating and eating and eating.  So far I have been very fortunate to produce enough breast milk for both my girls.  I never was able to get them to latch on so I just pump.  The quantity of milk that I have been producing is so much that I have been able to freeze several bags.  I feel like the breast milk pumper champion of the world!  But now my girls are starting to catch up with my production and I have been dipping into my frozen supply.

When my girls were born I told myself that I would not pressure myself nor feel guilty about not being able to breastfeed and it was ok to supplement with formula. But now that I have been so successful with pumping, I’m beginning to feel defeat with the thought of having to supplement with formula.  Plus one of my girls already has reflux.  She’s on infant Zantac, which has helped tremendously, but the thought of going to a formula that may upset her belly again just gives me heartache.

I know several of you have had to switch to formula, so how did you deal with it mentally and emotionally?  Its so crazy how just something as simple as formula can make me feel like less of a mother.  I know its the pressure of wanting to do what’s best for our kids and being the best mom you can be, but this is a let down for me since its only been 3 weeks.