Ok! So my bonus Mom is the coolest ever! Not only does she crochet, she crochets Boobie purses! Sounds crazy, but they are tasteful and they are for survivors! She has crafted a “Ta-Ta Tote” in which looks like..well…breasts, but it is tasteful. She decided to create these masterpieces and hand them out to survivors randomly. Literally, this woman will run into someone at Walmart and snaggle them up and give them a purse that she handcrafted. How amazing!! Talk about sharing the love 🙂 So I decided to create a blog about these awesome purses!!! Here is my interview:
1. Why did you start making these purses?
I saw the pattern (I actually got it from a girl in Denmark) and just knew I had to have one! I posted a pic of the 1st one and had such positive feedback that I decided to make them for survivors. I knew they would make people LAUGH!

2. Are they for sale?
Yes $70 each.  But you have to realize my ta-ta-totes are made for survivors first so it could take a month to get one. But I bet you will LAUGH when you get it!

3. What do the proceeds go towards?
My preference is a local hospital, St Elizabeth Breast Center, to help patients.  It costs between $10-$15 each for material so the remainder will go to the breast center. I am dropping off a ta-ta-tote to the breast center this week so when patients go in they will…..you guessed it……LAUGH!!!