What a wonderful day it was for a 5K!!  There was a mass of humanity that turned out to walk/jog or run the Race for the Cure 5K, to raise money for Breast Cancer treatments and research!!  It’s a wonderful cause and a great time with my daughter, Rebecca, and granddaughter, Kinsley (10mos).  Local news reports that over 7,000 people turned out on 9/11/11!!

The setting was Garden of the Gods Park, here in Colorado Springs, CO.  I lost my best friend to Breast Cancer on 12/5/01 and I have done this event every year since her diagnosis…I, myself have had yearly mammograms since my dear friend found her lump in her breast.  I am so happy to be a part of the 6 month Weight loss Challenge because it has forced me to get up, get moving and stop being so sedentary!  I am eating healthier, thinking ahead of time about what I will be eating, planning my workout times to fit in with my “Grandmother” time, etc.  Power walking still remains about the only aerobic activity that I am able to do, especially after my walking buddy, Ace (my Golden Retriever), pulled me down on a walk through our neighborhood!! He was pulling towards another dog and I tripped on the curb!! End result, I went down hard onto the grass, not the street!  So, I have regressed a bit in physical activity, but with the help of my Physical Therapist I should be back to my recent pace of things soon!!

I wanted to share with you all, a very special event that happened to me on 11/19/09.  As I was showering on the morning of 11/10/09, I found a lump in my left breast…I always do monthly self-exams in the shower, so this was a routine for me.  When I found this lump, my world stopped and became totally silent!! I asked my husband to see if he felt what I had…he said yes!!  It truly was the most horrifying day of my life, after losing my best friend to this hideous disease, I could not believe that I was now going through the same thing!! I immediately called my Dr and told them what had happened, so they got me right in and he did an exam…Drs always try to maintain that neutral expression, but his face spoke to my heart and I knew what he thought.  It was 9 long and agonizing days until Memorial Breast Care Center could get me in for a Diagnostic Mammo and Ultrasound!!  I am a woman of great faith, and have been since I was a child!  Many people were praying for me as soon as they heard the news.  Our prayer team at my church gathered around me on the evening of 11/17/09, to pray for my healing and total restoration of my body….just them, an electric, almost lightning feeling surrounded the lump, lasting the entire night and tapered off the next morning.  Every day that I showered, I would completely avoid the area of the lump, frankly because it horrified me!  Finally, the 19’th arrived and I went with my husband for the diagnostic Mammogram and ultrasound.  I had surrendered myself to the fact that I may be facing breast cancer, but I knew that Jesus would be with me every step of the way!!  The technician called my name, my heart stopped beating and I followed her to a room for the mammogram first.  She asked me where the lump was…I couldn’t find it but showed her where it had been.  She took 6 different views, then after showing them to the Radiologist, I went to ultrasound for an evaluation of that area where the lump had been.  The ultrasound tech left the room and returned with the Radiologist.  She called me by name and said that she had to come and tell me herself about the results.  She began to tell us that not only could she not find any lump or abnormality, but my films were completely clear of any benign artifacts that had always been there in years previous!!!  My husband and I looked at each other and had tears in our eyes!! The Radiologist exclaimed, “You have just experienced a miracle!!”  She had the notes from my Dr about the lump and what he thought it was.  She also told us that if it had  been a cyst that ruptured, there would be some remnant on the ultrasound at least!!  There was NOTHING!!!  The Radiologist showed me my mammogram films and they were perfectly clear!! PRAISE GOD!!!  My husband and I thanked the Lord immediately after the Dr left the room.  We knew what had just happened and we both texted everyone that had been praying and shared the awesome good news.  This is only one of three physical healings that I have had the honor of being blessed with!!!  I share them with anyone that will listen, especially if they are going through the same thing.  Thank you all for allowing me to share such an awesome experience with you!!

Be sure to do your Breast self exam monthly in the shower, have your annual mammograms if you are 40+, like me  or have a family member that has had breast cancer!! There is also a new cancer of the breast that affects young women, called inflammatory Breast Cancer and it is VERY aggressive and causes you to look like you have been beaten in the chest area!! PLEASE search breast cancer and find out the facts!  Early detection and treatment, means great chance for a cure!! If I can be of any help to anyone of you reading this blog, please contact me through skinny mom.

Thank you again and God bless you!!