Have you ever been on one of those trips where you have a surreal moment? A moment where you look around and you can’t believe you are standing where you are and you just want to sit back and soak in the surroundings?

I definitely had one of those moments as I was hiking the Marshal Mesa Trailhead of Colorado. What brought me out to the boulder state? I recently partnered with Silk (along with a few other top health bloggers) to become a brand ambassador. We were all fortunate enough to fly down to their headquarters, meet the team and truly see what makes the Silk brand so special.


I use soy milk in my skinny recipes often, mainly for the flavor and low calorie count, however I haven’t experiment too much with coconut milk. After working so much with Silk during those two days, I’ve truly come to appreciate the full health benefits! (photo credit here)

Here’s a brief glance at what makes Silk PureCoconut Milk a smart choice:

  • There’s only 90 calories in one cup of Vanilla flavored PureCoconut Milk
  • Made from Non-GMO verified coconuts: unpestered, unaltered free to grow in Thailand and Indonesia naturally
  • 50% more calcium than milk: take that dairy fanatics! And of course, take it and run lactose intolerant folks!

It was during a smoothie competition that I absolutely fell in love with coconut milk! If you haven’t checked out the Miami Vice Breakfast Smoothie, then let me tell you, it is DELICIOUS. I knew I had to do a breakfast smoothie when I saw how much calcium was packed into an 8 oz glass of PureCoconut Milk! All I needed to do was give it an extra morning boost of protein powder. I utilized the creamy texture of the coconut milk to compliment other tropical flavors. Bold pineapple, tart strawberries and sweet coconut make this one powerhouse smoothie.


Beyond just having fun cooking and creating, the Silk trip really revitalized my passion. (photo credit here)

Reconnecting with other health and food bloggers, meditating and hiking really reconnected me with my goals to provide you with the best recipes. And to create the best recipes, you have to do your research and truly learn about what goes into the foods you make.

Stay tuned for all the great changes and recipes Skinny Mom has in store! But, we do have some exciting news before you leave!

Silk is offering Skinny Mom readers a fab “Get a Coupon” opportunity. Don’t miss out on this simple entry process to have the opportunity to win big! Click the badge below, then click “Get a Coupon” in the center at the top of Silk’s homepage.


Disclaimer: I have been compensated for this post.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.