Waking up sore is a satisfying feel and a reminder of your hard work. We want you to experience this, so we’ve picked out 5 challenging moves for each part of your body: arms, core, butt, legs and total body. Add these 5 body shaping moves to tone your entire body; you will definitely feel the burn during and after your workout. Say good bye to lackluster workouts for good!

1. Forearm Planks: Holding a standard plank position for any amount of time is hard. Make it a forearm plank pose and hold it for a minute for an upper body workout you’re sure to feel now and later. If this plank isn’t pushing you hard enough, you can try out on of these variations! For another great way to sculpt your upper body, check out our 30-day Pushup Challenge, which includes daily planking. Learn how to properly plank on your forearms with the video below.

2. Advanced Russian Twist: This move will target your entire core, including those tricky obliques. If you are prepared to push yourself, than try out the Advanced Russian Twist. If this is a little too challenging, the regular Russian Twist is still a great core workout.


3. Tiptoe Plié Squats: This is an awesome squat variation that will really have you feeling the burn in your butt and thighs. You can get step-by-step instructions for this squat variation or watch it done in the video below. Can you do this for 60 seconds without stopping?

4. Weighted Leg Circles: These leg circles are deceivingly hard. They appear so simple and easy, but give it just a few reps and your legs will be on fire. Even if you don’t own a weight you can strap on, this move is still effective with an increased number of reps! Click here to get move details!

Weighted Leg circles

5. Burpees: This full body toning cardio move can be done with infinite variations, like the one-legged variety, making it the ultimate full body workout that will leave you begging for mercy and seeing results! Try your next burpee with a jump when you come back to standing position, or add a push up when you jump back into plank. However you perform your burpees, your body will be burning! Learn the move here and watch Skinny Mom CEO + Founder Brooke Griffin rock out 60 seconds of burpees.

Add these five killer moves to your workout and find comfort in the discomfort as you see the body shaping results you’ve been looking for!