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Blue’s Clues: Easton turns 2!

Happy 2nd Birthday Easton!  I can’t believe that you’re already 2 years old, as the time has flown by.  Words cannot describe how much love I have for this little guy, and I wanted to make sure that he had an amazing 2nd birthday.

I knew that I wanted to make his party exciting for him, so I decided to do a party themed around his favorite TV show, and at our house Nick Jr. reigns supreme with Blue’s Clues and Bubble Guppies ranking at the top.  When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he went back and forth for days between “Blue” and “Bubble”, but in the end I finally decided to go with Blue’s Clues and I am hoping that I can do a Bubble Guppies Birthday next year, because I believe it is the cutest kids’ show on tv so hopefully he will still like it by then.

For any of you moms out there thinking about throwing a Blue’s Clues party for your little one, be warned that it was much harder than I could have ever anticipated.  After going to all of our local grocery stores, Kroger, Wal-Mart, and Remke, I found out that none of the stores carry licensed Blue’s Clues cakes.  I also struggled to find any decorations or balloons at the big party stores in and around Cincinnati, as they too did not carry any licensed Blue’s Clues party supplies.

Feeling a bit frustrated at the lack of Blue’s Clues decorations, I decided to get on the computer and search.  Thankfully, I found that Etsy had plenty of Blue’s Clues decorations and I was able to order an amazing edible custom cake sticker…I highly recommend this for any party as she does all different designs and her customer service was fantastic.  Her design was also very inexpensive too! I also was able to find cupcake decorations on Etsy that were custom made and cheap.  For the balloons I was able to order a dozen balloons including the big number 2 balloon and the 4 Blues Clues balloons on EBay and I just had them blown up at a party store.  Thank goodness, I have an amazing sister who loves to do craft projects, you might remember that she and I did the tie-died onesies together for a baby shower gift a few weeks ago, and she happily volunteered to do the Birthday banner and all of the Blue’s Clues paw prints. We ended up using the paw prints to play our very own birthday edition of Blue’s Clues leaving them as clues to where Easton could find his presents.

As for the birthday presents, the gifts of the night were his basketball goal and of course his box of rocks.  Easton is obsessed with basketball and the box of rocks story deserves its own separate post so stayed tune….I am just excited that a $2.00 box of rocks could make my son so happy.

Have a great Thursday ladies, and let me know what birthday party themes you all have planned for your little ones!