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One of the things that constantly plagues us mommies is not having enough time. I’m a mommy to three little ones, and I often find myself looking under the sofa cushion for more time. (I mean, everything else seems to hide under there, so I figured time would too.)

I recently started prepping for a NPC Physique Competition. I compete in Bikini Division, and this is the moment where not having enough time goes into serious chaos. With competition prep underway, I am constantly looking for things to make life easier and create a better flow in the household.

I recently had the opportunity to try out a new workout DVD, 10 Minute Solution: High Intensity Interval Training. At first, I didn’t realize how much this workout DVD would benefit me, but it has been an amazing way to get some good workouts in at home when I am short on time. (photo credit)

10MS HIIT 3d

The 10 Minute Solution: High Intensity Interval Training DVD is an awesome way to fit in some high-intensity cardio and really focus on the areas you want to target the most.

It includes five workouts:

  • HIIT 101: Full body sweat session.
  • AB HIIT: AB specific moves that also give some good cardio.
  • Upper Body HIIT: Focus on arms while getting a full body workout.
  • HIIT Explosion: Take it up a notch and blast fat.
  • Rock Bottom HIIT: Focus on legs and glutes while torching calories.

These 10-minute workouts feature a training style called Tabata. Tabata focuses on 20 second intervals from move to move. It is very high intensity and that’s the reason you only need 10 minutes.

I loved all of the workouts. I customized my playlist to play HIIT 101, Rock Bottom HIIT and AB HIIT for a 30-minute workout. I was completely spent after finishing that session. It hurt so good. I recommend this DVD to anyone who is short on time and prefers an advanced way of training.

To purchase the 10-Minute Solution Butt Lift, click here. To purchase the 10-Minute Solution HIIT, click here.