upset woman dieting

Have you ever tried to follow a diet and the first day you didn’t follow the meal plan you said, “forget it,” and you ate whatever you wanted? Or have you ever said, “I’m going to work out four days this week,” and when it only ended up being two days because you were really busy that week you just stopped working out altogether? If you have ever done this, I would say you are probably a, ‘Black and White’ person.

What is a ‘black and white’ person? This means that if you don’t do something perfectly or as planned, then you just give up. This way of thinking can hinder you from your fitness and weight loss goals. You put such a high standard on yourself, that if you don’t achieve the goals just the way you want, you start to believe there is no point in doing them at all.

Instead of being ‘black and white’, try being ‘gray’. Being gray means not being ‘right or wrong’, being ‘on a diet or off a diet’, or eating ‘good foods or bad foods,’ it means being a little more gentle and more realistic with yourself. When this happens, you let the reins out and allow yourself to start living without feelings of guilt or failure. Being gray means that you can eat something bad while on your diet without blowing the entire thing. It also means that just missing one workout does not mean that you’ve ruined your routine for the entire week.

woman eating cake

Dieting and exercising is a constant battle for most. We are human. We will fall and we will fail, but being successful long-term means picking yourself up, and putting yourself back on track. So the next time you find yourself diving into a jar of cookies instead of a bowl of salad, or heading for some major couch time instead of the treadmill, don’t beat yourself up about it. Enjoy your mini break and then get yourself together. Life is way too boring when it’s lived in the black and white area anyway, so get out there and start living in the gray area!