I wanted to come up with something fun and creative for my oldest son’s 8th birthday party last year. When I asked him what he would like, he replied “A Wii party!!!!”

Challenge accepted!  (I need to point out here how big a deal this was.  I am neither a creative, nor crafty type of mom!!) I started by doing some searching on Pinterest and came across some fun ideas for invitations and party favors.  I was able to order Wii Invitations & Power Up labels from a store on Etsy, and I found candy molds for making chocolate Wii remotes on Amazon. (This was my first experience using Pinterest or Etsy.  Now I’m hooked on both!)


I put the Power Up labels around small bottles of blue Gatorade.  I made white chocolate Wii remotes by melting white chocolate chips, filling the candy molds, and letting them set in the freezer.  The blue cake pops I ordered from a local cake-pop maker (I know my limits!), wrapped them up in clear party bags with the candy Wii remotes, and tied them off with blue ribbon to complete the party favors for the kids to take home.


I ordered birthday cupcakes from our local Gigi’s Cupcakes.  They were wonderful!  They even provided cupcake toppers with little Mii people when I told them the theme of our party!  (I also found cupcake toppers on Etsy if you wanted to make your own!)


Okay…but what would the kids do?  Just sit around playing video games?  Enter Wii Party, full of party games that had the kids up & down, moving around, and laughing like crazy!  Games like hide & go seek, where one player hides the Wii remotes while the other players leave the room.  When the players return, they see who can find the most Wii remotes in the time allowed!

The kids loved it!  My son loved it!  And his little brother loved it…so much that now he’s asking for a Wii party of his own!!  I can’t wait to see what I can come up with for this one!

Featured Image Cupcakes: thepioneerwoman.com