With Bikini Season in full swing, many mothers are reluctant to step outside in a bikini. The main problem areas that I hear women complain about are their legs, tummy, and glute areas. I have listed a few ways to get those body parts toned and tightened in no time! These are my three D’s outlined below.

Drinks: Be sure to watch the calories you are drinking. Stay away from any high fructose corn syrup drinks. These include all your sodas, bottled teas, and sports drinks. High Fructose Corn syrup is widely used in America due to its abundance and cheaper cost. Most alcoholic drinks are loaded with sugar as well, so that makes those a BIG NO as well. So what can you drink? Good choices include the number 1 best choice WATER as well as Assorted Unsweetened Teas that are always a great option. If you need something sweet, blend your own homemade smoothie made from fruits with Greek yogurt.

Diet: When choosing the food you put into your body be sure to choose whole natural foods. High fructose corn syrup is also being added to many processed/ packaged breads, cereals, and condiments. With your diet, try to go for a high protein with limited sugars and healthy complex carbohydrates.

Daily Exercise: I would recommend at least 60 minutes of training, 5-6 times a week with one rest day. This may seem like a lot for most of us busy moms, but I bet there are other things you do for 60 minutes a day that you could replace with taking time for your personal health and well-being.