Jantzen Swimsuit Picture taken from FashionHippo.com

Okay, let’s face it.  Most of us make that the MAJORITY of us hardly have the image of SportsIllustrated painted on our mid section.  Summer snuck up and instead we are flaunting that turkey dinner and box of chocolates left hanging around our buttocks from winter hibernation.

So now what?  It’s bikini season and our bodies are hardly bikini ready and I don’t think that extra 30 crunches before bed is going to make a difference before the trip to the lake this weekend.  Don’t fret.  Luckily you don’t have to rock a six pack to look amazing in your swim suit this summer.  You just have to find the right suit for you.

The biggest mistake women make when choosing a swimsuit, is trying to go trendy.  Just because a string bikini is in, does NOT mean that you should display those double Ds left from breastfeeding in one.  Instead pick the suit that suits you.

If you are big chested, look for something with support.  A full top usually works best, perhaps something with a subtle underwire to keep the girls in place?  Or, maybe your belly is still holding on to that last 10 pounds of baby weight.  Look for a tankini that flows, or a swimsuit that has a built in shaper. Black is always slimming, and NEVER goes out of style.  This summer you can find adorable flowing ruffles that will hide and accent you exactly where you want it.

We all think you look fabulous and can’t believe you have a baby with that body, but it’s about how you feel.  For me, I am insecure about my “saddle bags”.  So this season I’ve chosen a cute bikini with a bottom that has extra material.  I can pull it up when laying out to avoid interesting tan lines, but come time to stand up it can be pulled down resembling a skirt, and hiding the place on my body I hate the most!

For a money saving trick, pick a bottom in a basic color you like the most.  Then buy several different tops to match.  Get several looks, without the cost!!

You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort, but just remember:  Looking good on the beach this summer  is much better than being “fashionable”.