My darling husband recently purchased us a bike trainer for our mountain bike. Now, there is truly no excuse for me NOT to work out! Yikes.
After using our road bike-turned-now-stationary cycle for a great cardio workout, I have to say I wish we got the bike trainer sooner! I put on my favorite Rockabilly tunes while working up a sweat and my heart rate for twenty minutes. I feel great! I challenge myself by keeping to the rhythm of the music and doing “jumps”–pedaling sitting down, and then getting off the seat while continuing to pedal. You can do this by standing up straight and pedaling when its time to get up, or just lift your derriere, hovering over the seat.  l do jumps for 4-8 counts at varied levels of resistance for a great workout. If it’s a slower song, I’ll raise the resistance and try to stay off the seat for most of the song. For faster songs, I’ll lower resistance while seated, and pedal fast at intervals.
For those of you who do not know what a bike trainer is, it is a piece of equipment you can set your bike on in order to use your outdoor road bike as a stationary cycle indoors. Many athletes use this for race training. We purchased ours on for just under $100. There are a variety of models and brands, so make sure you do your research on what would work best for you. The bike trainer is usually 5-7 lbs., which makes it portable and easy to move if need be. This is a perfect way to add to your home gym without over-spending on a pricey indoor cycle. It’s also a great way to continue to use your bike when weather conditions aren’t favorable.
You can find more about bike trainers by consulting with your local sporting goods store or online.
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