My husband is an avid biker – mountain bike that is. He will clock 1000 miles + over the summer. He is a true rider- complete with padded bike shorts, special breathable shirt, helmet and camel back (A neat backpack you carry water in and drink while riding).  I haven’t owned a bike for at least 10 years. I do enjoy a nice leisurely ride down the prairie path or around the neighborhood. If you are married to my avid biker, you find yourself going on more extensive rides than you originally planned. He keeps telling me he’d love to take me mountain biking. You know the kind of biking that goes up and down hilly, rocky paths and trees are everywhere. So when I no longer had a bike, I wasn’t too upset.

Today my husband rides with a kid carrier attached to the back.  All three of my kids have had the pleasure of riding (a.k.a. napping) in that carrier. I wish there was one big enough for me. I think it would be awesome to ride along behind my hubby as he goes on an extensive ride. My oldest son loves riding his bike.  Last summer, my hubby would pull the 2 youngest in the carrier, my oldest son would follow on his bike and I would follow them with my roller blades. I have discovered I cannot keep up with the bike riders. I do get a good workout though- heart is pumping and I am breathing heavily. It is great family bonding time as well. We usually stop at a park and play for a while before we head back towards home. Now that my second son has taken off the training wheels and likes to ride his bike too, it was time to finally get a bike of my own. Luckily for me, my husband’s uncle had an extra bike he wanted to give me. My daughter is also getting her own girly, training-wheeled bike from her cousin. So a biking family we will be.

I love this bike. I love it so much I’d like to ride it on a more regular basis. Being a blissfully busy mom, I rarely get the time to dash off on my bike. But I can hope and plan to get some rides in sometime. That means I need to get a cute helmet. Yes, my riding days were before helmets were a thing. I rode my rainbow bike with the banana seat all over my hometown as a child- minus a helmet.  And you know what? I actually slipped on a banana peel with my banana seat bike.  Thankfully I only skinned up my knees and didn’t crush my helmetless head. Now that I have kids, I must set an example and wear it every time I ride. I hope this summer my family takes a bunch of rides together. I suspect we will.