We did it!

Hi everyone, hope you are well! I’ve been gone for a few weeks because I’ve been busy putting the final touches on my wedding (stressful), getting married (OMG), and honeymooning (Ahhh). Yes, I’m officially a married woman after 5 years together. Due to our very large families, we decided we wanted to have something very small and intimate with no monkey business, so we decided to have a destination wedding at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. We had only anticipated roughly 25-30 people being able to attend our wedding and we actually had 50 people come and watch us exchange our vows! We couldn’t have been happier and we are so blessed to have such special people in our lives.

Planning a destination wedding is no easy feat by any means and required countless emails, phone calls, and hair pulling. The staff at the Bellagio is by far the best. We had top notch, first class service throughout our entire planning phase as well as our wedding and reception dinner. If you take away the stress of trying to budget a destination wedding with people cancelling or deciding to come at the last minute coupled with my nightmares of wearing a blue polka dot wedding dress, then you have a perfect wedding, and that’s what our wedding was; perfect in every sense of the word. I would like to thank the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, the Bellagio Spa, and the staff at Prime Steakhouse for creating our fairytale and going the extra mile to ensure first class service to us and our guests. I’d also like to thank the staff at Skinny Mom and all of YOU who have been patient with me.

With that being said, I have so many exciting topics to cover from here on out and I can’t wait to share new information with all of you! As always, if you have any questions or would like to read about a specific topic, I’m listening.