My son recently started a Mother’s Day Out program and I was told to label EVERYTHING. When I was told to make sure everything was labeled I thought, that won’t be too bad right? Wrong! Every Tuesday & Thursday I would go through all of his stuff and write Adam over and over and over again. Then one day I came across some super cute personalized labels from Name Bubbles.

The labels are excellent for daycare/school, work lunch, clothing, exercise gear, electronics, bottles, and more. Name Bubble’s products are manufactured in the US with top of the line materials that are guaranteed to last. They’re waterproof, fade resistant and contain an ultra strong adhesive that means they’ll stick where you need them and stay looking bright and vibrant. The entire product line of personalized name labels are dishwasher safe and freezer friendly -60° Fahrenheit to 225° Fahrenheit. Plus, the popular clothing labels are small enough to fit onto a garment’s care tag and stand up to any laundry cycle!

I received my personalized Name Bubbles on October 10th  and I have yet to replace any of them. I have used mine on my kid’s jackets, sippy cups, lunch box & accessories, bottles, and all of my gym equipment (i.e. gym bag, towel, iPod etc.). They have made it through numerous cycles in the dishwasher, sanitizer, washing machine, and they are still stuck on strong! My son did pick off one of the labels, but it had air bubbles in it which made it easy for him to peel it off (so, be careful not to get air bubbles when you put your labels on).

Name Bubbles offers a variety of different packages to choose from with unique styles, colors, and icons! I had the opportunity to try their new Share Pack, which includes six sheets of 15 labels, total of 90 labels per pack for $25.88, giving you the flexibility to choose up to six different names, perfect for moms with multiples!

I recommend Name Bubbles to anyone, and I have a couple of these packages on my Christmas list for some of my mom friends and family members (excellent stocking stuffers)!

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