I absolutely love “mother’s old tricks” because they last over the ages. I prefer homemade recipes for better health products like salves, medicines, or simple uses of products that I would never have thought of. One that I rely on often is the cold wash cloth for fevers, overheating, or headache relief. It is easy to do and safe for my little ones but I have to admit it is kind of messy and it can be difficult to keep the washcloth from picking up the odor of your freezer or refrigerator.

There is a product now that solves the problems that come with a cold and wet washcloth while still retaining the relieving qualities it produces. The HeadCoolie is an easy to use and simple to store product that helps to:

  • Relieve your headaches
  • Fight those fevers
  • Cool you down after a tough or hot workout
  • Cool you or your kids down on a hot summer day

I was skeptical because something as simple as a wet washcloth didn’t seem like it could really be improved upon but the cooling head strap stays secure on your head and the ice packs are always a comfortable temperature when placed in the head strap. I actually took the HeadCoolie to a race with me, and it was still cold enough at the end to cool me down after the run.

It is a fantastic relief at the end of a busy kid-chasing day, because when I place on the HeadCoolie I can relax in those last few minutes of the evening. The best perk about the HeadCoolie, is that it can come with me. I can use it to relax or soothe a headache on my long flights or I can pack one in my “what if” pack for my kids.

I love products that improve upon tried and true methods that our mothers and grandmothers passed down to us because it is these basics that seem to work best over the years. No more wet washcloth messes but all of the wet washcloth benefits and more. The HeadCoolie is a great product that every mom should have in her cabinet.

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Product was provided for this post. However, opinions expressed here are my own.