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When our boys were first born, I swore I was going to be one of those moms who never missed putting a single thing in their baby books. They are now five and six years old and there are still quite a few blank pages!

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I do, however, like to be able to look back on silly things they did and funny things they said, the days they took their first steps, first time saying their ABCs, etc.

For more recent memories, I am huge on taking pictures. I use Facebook as one of my scrapbooks. I may drive people crazy with all the stories and pictures about our boys but, really, isn’t that what Facebook is for? Facebook has a new option with which you can tag your children in posts and pictures into their own “scrapbook.” I am taking full advantage.

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Another thing that my husband and I did for our kids was that we started their own email addresses. If we are off somewhere and the boys do something and we think, “I’m going to want to remember that,” we shoot over a quick email to them. They don’t get these messages. They won’t until they are 18 and they can take their time to look back over things they said and did. Eventually they’ll have all the pictures and things they made in school (yes, one day I will take a picture of every single thing and get rid of the boxes that now fill their closets). They’ll have access to the memories that we will all look back on and remember a time ‘back when.’

I have searched the web and found some other really cute ideas about saving your babies’ memories.

One I found the other day is of a stuffed animal made out of the first thing the baby wore home from the hospital or the first pair of pajamas they ever wore. Check it out here! A memory quilt made out of old baby clothes is another great idea. Pinterest has a ton of ideas on creating these. Buzzfeed gives you 26 unique ideas here like making an imprint of a teddy on canvas, making a drawing into a keychain, etc., to preserve your kids’ memories.

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What are some unique ways you have kept up with your babies’ memories? I would love to hear about them below.