Just when I thought Bravo’s hit TV star and New York Times bestselling author, Bethenny Frankel, couldn’t get any better, she proved me wrong with her latest fitness DVD, Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Workout. Bethenny came out with this second fitness DVD after constantly telling frustrated women how she stays in shape with an incredibly hectic schedule. If you’ve ever seen an episode, or even 30 seconds of Bethenny Getting Married? you know how crazy busy this woman is. So, if Bethenny can find time to work out, so can the rest of us!

This DVD is perfect for busy moms like you. Some days you have 45 minutes to work out, others you may only have 15. Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Workout is categorized in three quick yoga segments that tone the entire body and is designed to cater to your varied needs/availability, so you can choose one segment or do a couple at a time. All segments are easy to follow with clear, detailed instructions and suggestions on the physicality of each movement and breathing method. Bethenny provides a guilt-free workout as she promotes following a pace suitable for oneself, and admits to wanting to stay in her favorite position for a few moments longer. As I expected, there are definitely moments of comic relief to help break the seriousness of yoga, which one could expect from watching Bethenny on television. Upon completing a workout, you feel accomplished that you exercised and learned the spirit of yoga, and Bethenny and her co-instructor, Mike McArdle, will leave you feeling relaxed, refined and rejuvenated!

Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Workout DVD is affordably priced and is available at Target. The DVD is approximately 50 minutes long with an additional bonus stretching segment (12 minutes). There is also a recipe booklet included from The Skinnygirl Dish.

I highly recommend this fitness DVD to anyone looking for a fresh, encouraging and easily manageable exercise tool. Even if you are inexperienced in yoga, I believe you’ll enjoy Bethenny’s honest and relate-able perspective of the sport and of healthful living in general.