As summer quickly approaches, no one wants to be stuck in a hot, stuffy gym when the sun is shining and the weather is wonderful.  It’s time to get some fresh air and get creative while you burn some of  those unwanted calories.  These entertaining activities make it easy to enjoy the fabulous weather all while losing the weight and creating a sexier you!

woman hiking

Canoeing:  While some may believe you just float down a river, this is a great activity to tone your arms and strengthen your back muscles.  Even though you’re not using your legs, you’re still using all of your arm strength to paddle your body weight down the river.  Not only is canoeing a great arm workout, but it’s extremely fun to do with friends and family.  So you’re working out, staying cool, and having fun… what a great combination!

Hiking:  Hiking is a great way to get outdoors and become one with nature.  It’s extremely peaceful and a good way to clear your mind and listen to the beautiful sounds around you.  Not to mention you can work those lovely legs and butt just in time for bikini season.  And let’s not forget that amazing feeling you get once you reach the top of the hill and look down to see how far you’ve come.

Gardening:   Gardening is not only a peaceful activity, it’s also an awesome workout on your back and core muscles.  This is also a great activity to get your kids outside and learn a little more about plant life. Time to gain that green thumb this summer and plant your very own garden.  Just don’t forget to water it!

Softball:  Believe it or not, adult softball leagues are a very popular event in the summer time.  So step out of your comfort zone, join the office softball team and have fun while breaking a sweat.  Softball not only works your legs and chest, but your abs, arms and back get a workout too.

Swimming:  Beat the summer heat this summer by grabbing your suit and doing some laps in the pool.  Swimming is a low-impact aerobic exercise, so it’s great for all fitness levels. Swimming tightens and tones your abs, arms legs, chest and shoulders, all while gliding through the water.  So go ahead and sneak in a few laps during the day and enjoy keeping your family fit this summer.

Cycling:  Pedal off the pounds by grabbing your bike and going for a ride.  Cycling is a great workout for you legs and butt, especially when you pedal up those steep hills. One of the many benefits of cycling is that you can really do it anywhere. From riding around your neighborhood, to finding an intense bike trail, cycling is an easy and fun way to get in your workout.  So choose a destination and enjoy the breeze and the beautiful sunny scenery.

Tennis: Practice your serve with a friend and burn some serious calories.  Playing an intense game of tennis can be a great upper-body workout, toning your arms, shoulders, abs, and back.   So it’s time to pull out your old racket and play like a pro all while shedding some serious calories.

Sand Volleyball: Even though you may not live near a beach, finding a sand court is a lot easier than you may think.  Sand volleyball is also a great total body workout that will have you breathing heavier while you work your legs, abs, chest, and arms.   So lather on your sunblock, grab some friends, and hit the court for a sandy game of volleyball.  And believe us, you’ll definitely be feeling the burn after just one game.