Nobody wants to feel left out, especially when it comes to mealtime with your family. Whether you have gone gluten-free for health reasons or as part of a weight loss diet, you may feel as though your food options are limited. However, you don’t have to feel restricted! Below you will find delicious options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that will leave you happy and satisfied.

Blueberry Muffins: With a blend of classic breakfast flavor and gluten free ingredients, you and your entire family won’t be able to get enough of these little muffins. (via Elana’s Pantry)

elanas pantry gluten free blueberry muffin

Photo credit: Elana’s Pantry

Baked Eggs in Prosciutto – Filled Portabello Mushroom Cups: If sweet breakfast foods don’t suit you, reach for these flavorful mushroom cups. Eggs and prosciutto come together to make one delicious gluten-free meal. (via Paleo Spirit)

paleo spirit baked eggs in portabello

Photo credit: Paleo Spirit

Sweet Potato with Kale and Ricotta: Let this flavorful stuffed sweet potato prove to you that a gluten-free lunch does not have to be boring! (via Whole Living)

whole living sweet potato

Photo credit: Whole Living

Salmon Baked in Foil: Salmon is a healthy choice for the entire family, and baking the fish in foil makes food prep so much easier for you! (via Food Network)

food network salmon baked in foil

Photo credit: The Food Network

 Pear and Blue Cheese Salad: If you’re getting bored with your go-to salad, try this fresh and flavorful mix! (via Girl Makes Food)

girl makes food pear and blue cheese salad

Photo credit: Girl Makes Food

Skinny (Gluten Free) UN-Fried Chicken: Being gluten-free doesn’t mean you have to cut out all of your guilty pleasure foods. Click here for a chicken strips recipe that will give you all of the taste of fried chicken without the gluten!

gluten free un fried chicken

Vegetable Fried Rice: Next time your family wants to order Chinese takeout, turn to this gluten-free vegetable fried rice instead! (via Naturally Ella)


Photo Credit: Naturally Ella

So if you’re committed to going gluten-free but afraid your tastebuds might protest, give these delicious options a try! They’re a sure thing for anyone looking for a healthy/tasty combo.