I was given a Bella Nutripro Juicer to take for a test drive – and not to skip to the end of the story, but I’m hooked.  I had some hesitations going into juicing – taste, efficiency, and mess – but although yes, it is one more thing to clean (I’ll get to that) I feel the pay-off is worth the time.

The Bella Nutripro came with everything you need to juice, plus a great recipe book and this “Easy Juicing Wheel” that has now become my favorite guide in concocting combinations.  (Its actually become really fun trying new mixes!)



So not only was I testing out the juicer, but I was testing out some recipes too.  I’m a fruit and veggie lover so I figured I needed additional opinions of more picky eaters to get a better idea of if this was a good, bad, or ugly thing to incorporate in our lives.

Introducing – Will “I won’t touch any veggie, EVER” Johns and Billy “Spinach is gross” Johns:


For Will, I knew I had to be crafty – I did a combo of 3 carrots and 2 apples which in my research is the closest to off the shelf juice I could get.


It made about 8oz. of juice, and I diluted it with some water before giving it to him so it wouldn’t be so strong (I do this with all his juices).  I just put it in his sippy cup, handed it to him as “apple juice”, and crossed my fingers…. SUCCESS!  He drank the entire cup without batting an eye!  (He is trying to give you two thumbs up, haha)  My little guy drank more fresh vegetables than he has in months – that alone.  I’m SOLD!


Up next, Billy.  I tried to focus on getting some greens in his juice mix:  2 cups of Spinach, 1 orange, 1 carrot, 1 stalk of celery


This combo also made about 8oz. of juice.  To begin with – he was totally turned off by the green color of the juice.  But after taking a swig, he said it “wasn’t bad.”  I tried it and agreed.  I have made it since and left out the celery, and we both enjoy it more.  Who knew such a watery vegetable could have such a strong flavor!  He did admit though that being able to get so many nutrients in just a few swigs was worth the not so sweet taste (compared to off the shelf juice).


The Bella Nutripro Juicer surprised me in a few ways:
1. It is SO quiet – I assumed it would be as loud as a blender or food processor – not the case at all.
2. Yes, this is one more thing to clean, but it was easy to do! I just disassembled and rinsed everything with warm water before making my next juice (which isn’t even necessary if you aren’t concerned about a little flavor mixing) – and almost all the parts can go in the dishwasher when you are finished.
3. The juice is GOOD, and no sugar or preservatives make it good for you!

So yes, I love the Bella Nutripro, and I recommend it for any mamas out there tying to get some fruits and veggies into their kids (and significant others) diets!