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Last weekend I found a pregnancy spa called Becoming Mom in Mason, OH. This spa/boutique offers pre-natal massages, 3D & 4D Ultrasounds, clothing and more. It is located in the Deerfield Towne Centre Shopping plaza. After I stumbled upon this facility I decided to call and see if they offered gender ultrasounds. I was extremely curious to discover if my husband and I are having a boy or a girl. My OB/GYN office was not going to perform a gender ultrasound until Dec. 30, so I was anxious to find out before then.

After speaking to the company, I was informed that they not only perform gender ultrasounds, but that they perform them at 16 weeks. Last weekend I was already 17 weeks, so I could go in at anytime to find out the sex of the baby. So, I drove home and informed my husband of this wonderful news. We were both thrilled and eager to find out, so we booked an appointment for the same day. We had agreed that we would not find out during the ultrasound appointment. We both wanted to continue with our original plan, of finding out with our families. We were going to do this by having the ultrasound tech write down the sex of the baby on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope. After our appointment we were going to take our envelope to a bakery and have the baker prepare a “reveal cake.” This means that the inside of the cake would be either pink or blue. Our plan was to take the cake home and invite our parents over, so that we could all cut the cake and find out at the same time.

However, things quickly shifted during our appointment at the spa. During our ultrasound appointment, there were two technicians in the room with us. After a few minutes of reviewing the ultrasound, the first technician said, “If you get home and look at the picture of the ultrasound and you cannot make out the boy part, just give us a call.” My husband looked at me and said, “she just told us.” Then a few minutes later, the second technician said, “Oh look…. His hand is by his face.” At this point, we were both getting annoyed with the experience. We told them before the appointment began, that we did not want to find out that day.

As we left the facility, we both were extremely disappointed. We were certain that they had revealed the sex of the baby. We discussed what had just occurred and decided that we would not continue to worry about it. We were just ecstatic to be pregnant.

Although on Monday morning, everything changed. I received a call from my OB/GYN office and they said Becoming Mom had called them because they found a cyst on our baby during the ultrasound. Therefore, my OB was calling me to get me in for an ultrasound appointment that same day. We set up the appointment and my husband and I headed to the doctor to see what the issue was.

As we drove to the hospital, we were trying to soothe one another and hope for the best. However, when we arrived at the hospital, the news became worse. During an ultrasound, a high risk OB/GYN discovered the issue. Our baby has an enlarged bladder due to either a partial or complete blockage. This is extremely concerning because the bladder is not excreting urine as it should, which could mean that the kidneys are not functioning properly. Another concern is our baby’s lung development. Due to the fact that I’m only 18 weeks along, the lungs have not yet developed. As they begin to develop over the next few weeks, the size of the bladder could affect the baby’s lung development. The doctors are also concerned with the amniotic fluid, which is currently at a normal level. We have another appointment scheduled for this Wednesday, the 30. At that time, we will find out more information and I will let everyone know the outcome. As for now, it is a waiting game!

In closing, I just want to say that even though I was upset with Becoming Mom in the beginning, I am now extremely grateful for what they have done. By contacting my OB office, they could have saved our baby’s life.