I’ve always said it. I’m not a “runner”. No matter how into fitness I was, running was never my forte, never something I enjoyed and probably the workout I avoided most. I hated running.

What did I hate about running? I hated how tired my lungs felt no matter how “in shape” I was for every other activity I did. I hated how beet red my face got. It also bored me a little. Running was a real challenge for me physically as well as mentally and that is what steered me from it so long.

However, there’s a big part of me that loves a challenge. Over the last few years, I’ve started slowly taking on running…I’ve participated in numerous local 5K events and even took on my first 10K a couple months ago. I was so nervous for that 10K, the fear of not being able to finish the race was on my mind. But once I got going, I was able to steady myself at a consistent pace and finish in good time for a “rookie runner”.

It’s been a couple months since that race and I haven’t really kept up running as I had hoped I would. But I’ve decided to take on a new challenge – a half marathon. There’s one coming up in Myrtle Beach this October, which gives me the perfect amount of time to train. I think making it through the training process will be the biggest challenge of all. I’m starting to warm up to running…I think we may eventually get along. I don’t hate it anymore, but I certainly don’t love it by any means. My idea of a good time as far as fitness goes is a great strength training workout, or a class like dance, Spinning or aerobics of some sort, not running. I am still waiting to get that “runner’s high” that everyone keeps saying I will eventually get…and it will make me never want to stop running.

So because I love to challenge myself, and not because I love running, I am going to take on this next 16 weeks of training and hope that at the end, I can make it through that half marathon without passing out…maybe even cross the finish line with a time I didn’t even know I was capable of. As far as running and I go, well, I have high hopes that we’ll grow a love for each other in the process.