Do you ever get overwhelmed by all the commercials and beauty cream promises? Anti-aging this, revitalizing that…it’s hard to keep up and if you actually want to buy the product it can be a bit of a gamble. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to throw away $40 on the next miracle cream. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a captain to navigate the beauty market?

Meet your compass: Birchbox. Birchbox is a service that packs five to six samples of high-end beauty products, whether it be skin care, hair care, makeup or nail care in a cute little brown and pink box each month. But, the sampling isn’t random. In fact, the products you will get are tailored to your specific beauty concerns.

Before even signing up, you fill out a questionnaire. You become a client rather than just a mailing list subscriber. Each month there is a theme that your customized goodies will follow. Now these are samples, but they often last close to the whole month, maybe even two depending on the product. It’s only $10 per month with FREE shipping, and sometimes you do receive the full size of the product.

But no matter the sample size, there’s a discount for the actual size! You will earn points for every purchased product that transfers into Birchbox money.

Here’s a peak at this month’s box which was a partnership with Women’s Health Magazine, “Tiny Tweaks, Big Results”:

  • Simple Revitalizing Roll-On: Reduces under eye swelling, puffiness and bags. Most other brands, such as Clinique, have a similar product for triple the price!
  • Nexxus Youth Renewal Rejuvenating Elixir: This serum restores your hair’s youth. Check out our 9 Better Body Trends to learn more about the anti-aging hair movement by clicking here.
  • Mirenesse Glossy Kiss/Blush: This was the full stick. It can be used as a gorgeous matte red lip color or a bright cheek enhancer!
  • Folle de joie Perfume: Smells like flowers, honeysuckles and the best spring scents.
  • One-Year subscription to Women’s Health

Interested in signing up? Click here. For more information check out You can also follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook for the latest updates.