Every woman’s purse should provide a well supplied amount of multi-function beauty products that she can put to use in any potential beauty emergency. We as women must be prepared at all times, so read on to learn how to makeover your handbag. Seriously, I’m not messing around—there are some things that are just mandatory when it comes to what’s in your makeup bag. Here are a few of my must-haves:

Hand Sanitizer
Hand Sanitizer always comes in handy!! Throw a small bottle in your bag and you’re armed against unwanted germs.

Baby Wipes
Pop a small sleeve of baby wipes into your bag to help keep you clean and neat throughout the day. Not only are they perfect for cleaning your hands after a desk-side lunch, but they effectively dab up food stains, wipe scuffs off of shoes and can even remove your make-up in a pinch.

It’s just a must for dry lips. I have extra chap stick in my pocket, car and bag. It’s just a must-have for me.
Combo Compact Mirror and Purse Hook
This one’s pretty self-explanatory. A hand-held compact mirror will let you check your teeth, touch up your make-up and fix your hair. Plus, if you pack a mirror with a built-in purse hook, you’ll never again have to awkwardly balance your purse on your lap while using a public restroom.

Neutral Colored Lip Gloss or Lip Stick
Depending on the size of your purse, you may not have the luxury of carrying all of your favorite cosmetics with you. That’s not a problem if you pop a neutral shade of gloss/lipstick into your handbag. If you need a touch-up on your lips, cheeks or even your eyes, pull out your lipstick and apply wherever needed.

Clear Nail Polish
Nails starting to chip? Hose starting to run?  Pull out your clear nail polish to stop these problems in their tracks. When you apply clear polish to a chipping nail, you’ll still have to fix the color later, but the nail polish will prevent the color from continuing to chip. Similarly, applying polish over button threads and running hose will prevent the loose strands from continuing to fray. And, a quick coat of high-sheen clear nail polish will shine up costume jewelry and metal belt buckles in a flash; talk about multi functioning!!
Bobby Pins
These are a such an important staple in my bag. They can be your savior on bad hair days, plus there are more uses for these little gems.

  • Bobby pins can help you manage flyaway hairs or hold a headband in place.
  • If you pop a button on a blouse or a pair of pants, twist your decorative bobby pin through the hole to keep things pulled together.
  • Find dirt under your nails? Pull out a bobby pin and clean away.
  • Need to roll up your sleeves? Pin them in place and look cute in the process.

Ponytail Holders
Just because…..when do we ever NOT need an extra pony tail holder? God forbid I take the one off of my wrist!

Featured Image Photo Credit: http://itsnotaboutinnerbeauty.com/?p=74