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Everyone is envious of “that girl” with the perfectly shaped butt. Not only is it toned and lifted, but it makes her whole leg look toned. We’ve done some investigating and have come up with the most popular and most effective booty exercises out there.

Squats: The squat is one of the oldest moves in the book and it is still used today because it is so effective. The trick to is have the proper stance. If you aren’t performing the squat correctly, you won’t see the results! Learn how to perform the perfect squat here.

To make this into a compound move, add a jump when you get back to starting position. Or you can add dumbbell bicep curls, or perform the squat with one foot up on your toes, alternating to the other foot with each squat.


Lunges: There is a wide variety of lunges you can perform: forward, backward, side, walking lunges, intensified lunges, etc.. Do as many reps as you can, rest and repeat. For added difficulty, perform one of the lunge sets mentioned above or add weights with a kettlebell, medicine ball or dumbbell.


Wall Sits: Although the wall sit isn’t deemed the most difficult move because your heart isn’t racing, you will feel the difference it is making through the burn in your quads. Learn to do a proper wall sit by clicking here or challenge yourself with a Weighted Wall Squat with Stability Ball!

wall squat stability ball

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Kneeling Leg Lift: This move will get you to use your muscles in a new way! When you perform it, be sure that you are bringing your leg to a 90 degree angle with the floor! Learn more about this move here.

kneeling leg lift

Have you been working on toning or lifting your booty? What exercises have worked best for you?