This weather really does put a damper on my motivation to get up and move!

Has anyone else had this problem? The cold wind sets in and the sun goes down by 6 pm. Yes, I think it is safe to say that MOST people feel this way about the winter coming. How do we get over this winter blue feeling? I have found that it is a mental battle. After I get up and move, I feel 10 times better and it is an instant mood booster. The easiest way for me to get motivated is by making plans to meet a friend for a walk, run, or a gym date! It is an accountability that doesn’t cost you anything and you will have that social aspect to look forward to as well!

The way I plan to get over the winter weather blues is by signing up for races! This will automatically make me get outside or go to the gym to keep up with my training plan. Whether it be a 5k or a half marathon, sign up for something that will keep your mindset focused on moving! We all go through it, where we lack the motivation to move, so grab a friend and make it a fun social way to get moving!