Summer time is full of cocktail parties, late nights out, barbeques and beach parties. Don’t undo all the hard work you put into getting bikini ready by letting those few extra drinks and burgers weigh you down. Detoxify your body throughout the summer with these everyday foods from the Huffington Post and Women’s Health Magazine that will make delicious additions to your favorite recipes!

Sesame Seeds: These little seeds help cleanse your liver of alcohol and other toxins. Sprinkle them on a salad or enjoy them in a Tahini sauce with Hummus. (photo credit here)


Basil: Another liver detoxifier, basil also has anti-bacterial properties and is a great way to freshen your breath. Enjoy it in a Caprese salad, delicious Pesto or in a garden salad.


Ginger: On top of its immune boosting abilities, this powerful detoxifying root revs up your metabolism and helps your body to remove waste more efficiently. A recent study by Columbia University shows that ginger may also help curb your appetite. Add fresh ginger to fish and pork dishes, stir fry and sushi. Keep fresh ginger fresher longer by storing it in the freezer wrapped in aluminum foil. (photo credit here)


Seaweed: This sushi staple cleanses your body of lead, cadmium (a toxic metal that comes mostly from plant-derived sources, affecting blood pressure and inducing bone damage) and strontium (a chemical that occurs naturally in dairy, grains, vegetables and seafood, and is good for bone health but only in small amounts). Seaweed is also full of iodine, a natural metabolism booster. If you’re not a big sushi fan try adding seaweed to your smoothies to get all of its health benefits. (photo credit here)


Goji Berries: Goji berries are full of Vitamin C and beta-carotene, two powerful antioxidants that can protect cells from damage. Vitamin C also helps to remove waste from the body and Beta Carotene improves liver performance. Replace raisins with dried Goji berries on your salads, in rice dishes and in trail mixes. (photo credit here)


Add these five Summer Detox essentials to your next shopping trip and keep your body at peak performance and and you feeling fabulous all season long!